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How can I edit, delete or archive a team?
How can I edit, delete or archive a team?

edit, delete or archive a Team

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Witsmate lets you to edit, archive and delete Team. However you must have A super User or Admin access role type privileges to edit, archive and delete Teams.

Points to Know:

  • You cannot archive a Team at any point of time having OKRs assigned and having users added in the team.

  • Even a Parent team with no objectives but having child team with active objectives cannot be deleted.

  • To delete a Team, there must be no objectives owned by that Team and no users must be present in the team.

To edit, archive or delete a Team perform below listed steps:

  1. From the Vertical Menu Bar, click Settings and go to the Teams tab.

  2. You can search for the team & edit following details:

    1. Edit the name of the team, in Team.

    2. (Optional) Edit the type of team & description as per your organization norms.

    3. If the team is under another team, you can edit the Parent team or make it an individual team.

  3. From the Manager drop-down list select the person who manages the team.

To Edit a Team : Perform the steps as mentioned above



To Archive a Team :

To Delete a Team : Ensure there are no users in the team and team does not have assigned OKRs.

To Activate a Team :

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