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How can I edit, delete or archive Users?
How can I edit, delete or archive Users?

edit, delete or archive Users

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Witsmate lets you to edit, archive and delete Users. However you must have admin privileges to edit, archive and delete Users.

Points to Know:

  • You can archive a user at any point of time however its always a good practice to review OKRs progression before archiving a user.

  • You cannot edit email id for the selected user.

  • To delete user, there must be no objectives owned by that user.

  • You cannot delete a user with Manager profile. Witsmate recommends a management decision to assign a replacement before deleting/archiving a Manager.

To edit, archive or delete a User perform below listed steps:

  1. From the Vertical Menu Bar, click Settings and go to the Users tab.

  2. You can search for a user by name or by associated team & edit the following details of a user:

    1. Edit the first and last name of the user.

    2. Edit assigned Role and Designation.

    3. Edit the reporting manager.

    4. (Optional) Edit and Select up to 5 teams to which the user belongs to.

Click three horizontal dots and select from the Archive, Edit and Delete options.

To edit a user :

To Archive a user :

To Activate a archived user back :

To delete a User you must make sure the user has no objectives assigned:

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