Witsmate lets you to change or course correct already set/default Check-in frequency routine.

Note: Check-in frequency can only be changed by a user with Admin privilege's.

Check-in frequency is the timeframe under which at least one check-in for all the key results must be performed. Regular Check-ins from OKR owners and their managers makes Objectives and Key Results traverse at a regular cadence.

The following are four types of check-in frequency:

  • One -Week: Means every week.

  • Two-Week: Means every two weeks.

  • Three-Week: Means every three weeks.

  • Monthly: Means every month.

To change Check-in frequency of an OKR Period:

Step 1: From the Vertical Menu Bar, click Settings > OKR Periods tab, and click the three horizontal dot button of the selected OKR Period.

Step 2: Select from the drop down options to edit the Check-in Frequency.

For more details refer Adding the OKR Period.

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