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How do i reorder Objectives and Key-Results?
How do i reorder Objectives and Key-Results?

Working with Objective, Drag & Drop, Rearranging an Objective and associated Key-Results.

Updated over a week ago

With Witsmate 'drag and drop' feature you can quickly reorder your OKRs.

You can always rearrange your Objectives and their associated Key results through drag & drop in the My OKR's homepage. This helps you to keep the prioritized Objective, KRs at the top/desired place and helps you to organize OKRs and at your convenience.

For instance and as can be seen below, "Linda wants to move the objective 'Double the monthly Recurring Revenue' down and to bring the objective 'Improve the company cash flow' at the top.

Linda just need to grab the objective at the top, drag and drop the objective to the desired place ".

To rearrange your key result :

Step 1: Move your cursor and place it on the Objective you wish to move listed on the My OKR page, 6 dots icon will appear to the left of the Objective.

Step 2: Click on the 6 dots that are present next to the objective name, a hand icon will appear.

Step 3: Click and hold your cursor to grab the objective and drag & drop it to the desired location.

To rearrange your key results : You can just as easily drag and rearrange associated Key-Results, click on the 6 dots that are present next to the Key-results in the context menu, drag and drop the selected Key-Result to the desired location.

Note: Drag and Drop feature is available exclusively for the My OKRs page only.

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