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Frequently Asked Questions

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Can I edit OKRs of other users?
Who can edit my check-in notes?
Who can edit my comments added on OKRs?
Are my OKRs visible to all? How do I set my OKR visibility
Who can add comments to my OKRs?
What are Private Objectives?
How to Favorite a OKR? How can i watch/un-watch an OKR?
How can I differentiate between a Private OKR and a Public OKR?
Can I make a private OKR to a public OKR?
How do i reorder Objectives and Key-Results?
How can I toggle between List and Card views?
How to search by tag, why do we need to add Tags?
How many teams can be assigned to a Team OKR?
Who will receive update notifications/check-in/due date notification for jointly-owned Team OKRs?
How do I view non-aligned objectives only?
How do I export my OKRs?
How can I clone or copy Objectives?
Can I edit or delete a OKR?
Can I edit or delete a Past check-in?
Who is responsible for check-ins?
How can I share my OKRs with my colleagues?
What is Expected Progress?
What do the colors on the progress bar mean?
How to change the owner of an OKR?
How do I check my OKR and their alignments ?
What are TAGS?
What is KPI indicating in the Key Results?
What are Draft OKRs?
What is Filter option? How to filter okrs by Progression?
How to filter the OKRs by My Direct Reports in the Search and Explore tab?
How to filter the OKRs by Users in the Search and Explore button?
How to filter the OKRs by team in the Search and Explore Button?
How is the status, progress of an Objective affected by KR’s Progress?
How Can I add or edit an alignment?